The Super Bowl has arrived and you’ve made it almost two weeks without any football. The depths of winter is upon us and Lady Gaga will soon serenade us at halftime. What a time to be alive…

If you’ve been following my recent posts about NFL playoff picks you will know that I’ve only gotten two picks wrong due to fucking Green Bay pulling two wins out of their asses. Nonetheless, here we are as the Falcons face off against the big bad Patriots.

This is the match up that seemed destined to happen all along. The Falcons had an incredible offensive season and a soft playoff schedule. The Patriots had an even easier path in the playoffs, but did overcome some early season adversity with Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension and limited health/effectiveness from Gronk.

The Patriots are back in the dance for the 7th time in the Brady/Belichick era and The Patriots have been Super Bowl favourites year in and year out since Tom Brady’s first Superbowl in the infamous “tuck rule” bowl (Fuck you Raiders fans!). The former 6th round pick has gone on to become the epitome of consistency since.

In his 17 NFL seasons, Brady has won four Super Bowls and won 14 division titles. On an individual basis he is now 4th all-time on the passing touchdowns list with 456. He’s third all time in career passer rating with his 97.2, and 4th in career passing yards with 61,582.

What I am most impressed with is that on Sunday he will have played in 34 NFL playoff games. That’s more than two full seasons worth of meaningful, must win playoff football! For some context consider that there are 17 other NFL franchises who haven’t even played in that many playoff games in their entire existence. That’s just embarrassing if you’re a franchise like the Detroit Lions who have been around since 1930.

In a way what I am trying to say is that Tom Brady is a GOAT and he has essentially become JOHN CENA!!!

Both John Cena and Tom Brady are 39 years old. Cena is from the Boston area and Brady slings pig skins in the Boston vicinity. Both are considered to be among the greatest of all time in the respective sports and both are equally loved and loathed by many. Brady’s success is often linked to Bill Belichik and the theory that “anyone can win in Bill’s system” bullshit. John Cena is often dogged by the myth that Vince McMahon lets him bury all other wrestling competitors in the squared circle, but truth is Cena is just one of the best wrestler’s of all time.

This past weekend, John Cena quietly tied the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, with his 16th World Championship win. Flair is widely considered one of the GOAT’s of wrestling, while Cena has faced a lot of hate from die hard wrestling marks and a lot of it isn’t warranted. If you haven’t read my good friend, Josh Kolic’s amazing article on John Cena, just click here to get yourself up to speed.

On Sunday, Tom Brady is set to possibly win his 5th Super Bowl which would put him ahead of the legendary Joe Montana. While rumour has it that Cena is going to drop his championship belt soon so that he has a chance to break Flair’s record at Wrestlemania.

So back to the other guys… The Atlanta Falcons are kind of like Zach Ryder. Just like Ryder, the Falcons look good from time to time. They tend to be one dimensional and have had a rocky up and down go over the past few years. Eery now and then they look really good and catch fire. Whether it’s a soft schedule in the case of the Falcons or a push from Vinny Mac in the case of Ryder; the Falcons are in the main event and ready to dance.

Now here’s a dose of reality. When John Cena faces off against Zach Ryder, nobody expects Ryder to win. Especially not with the strap on the line and a record setting accomplishment within reach. A recent poll of American football fans showed that virtually nobody outside of the Massachusetts area want to see the Patriots win their 5th title in the Brady/Belichik era. However, the majority of fans think the Pats are going to go over and win.

So enough with wrestling analogies. Here’s how I see this game going down.

Belichik and the Patriots are going to grind the fuck out of the Falcons. They are going to try and grind the clock and take as much time as possible to get their points. Every minute the Falcons offense isn’t on the field is another minute closer to a Patriots victory.

Belichik and Brady have proven time and time again that they can grind away at any defense. The Patriots are relatively healthy and have so many short options to just hack their way to first downs. I expect yet another big game from Dion Lewis and some help from the Patriots big back, LaGarett Blount. Ultimately, Tom Brady is going to dissect the Falcons D and spread that football around all day.

The Falcons do have one hope though. Matt Ryan and Co. have had a great run. If they can put points up early they will have a chance. If New England is forced to abandon a grind it down kind of game then it’s a toss up. Julio Jones and the other offensive pieces in Atlanta have proven they can be consistent gamers. The question I have is if they can put up points on a very intelligent Patriots defense.

I don’t really expect to watch a master piece of a football game. I will be watching Sunday’s affair with my family and look forward to the food and social aspect of it more than anything. Whatever your plans may be for the Super Bowl I hope that you have a fun time and enjoy the commercials. Truthfully though, what really makes me happy about the Super Bowl is that baseball is officially just around the corner!

Prediction: New England 27-20

Fantasy Prediction: Dion Lewis wins Super Bowl MVP with two touchdowns (one rushing and one receiving) and 100+ yards from scrimmage. Julio Jones will get a touchdown but that will be the only one thrown by Matt Ryan all game.